Time I-Clic and Xpresso Road Pedal Cleats

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Café cleats provide traction so you won’t wipe out at the espresso shop thanks to the 3 non-slip stabilisers! For use with the C-Clic and Xpresso pedals.

Top Features of the Time I-Clic/Xpresso Cafe Road Pedal Cleats

Sold as a pair
3 non-slip stabilisers
The points of contact between cleat & pedal located at the edge of the oversize pedal platform ensure maximum stability
BioPosition of pedal + cleat is 13mm

Product Data

Road: Yes

These stabilisers are not part of the engagement system, and although highly resistant to abrasion, they have no effect on retention even if worn down. The widely placed polyurethane stabilisers grip the ground and provide excellent stability.

About Pedal Cleats

Pedal cleats are the metal or plastic item that attaches to the sole of your cycling shoe and clips into your pedals. Most shoes will accept most popular cleats (MTB shoes will take MTB cleats and Road shoes, Road cleats) but some may require adaptors. You need the exact cleat to match your pedals although some have either single release (twist outwards) or multi-release (twist in either direction) options. Cleats feature ‘float’, this is the amount of natural movement your joints require your ankle to move during the pedal stroke and is an important factor.

About the Time brand

Since 1987 TIME has been writing one of the brightest pages in the history of modern cycling. For this heir to unique know-how and technological methods ever more widely affirmed, each new product quickly becomes a standard, a true benchmark in the particularly demanding world of the bike. The highly sophisticated Time technology has led to a world beating VXRS frameset used by the Cofidis pro team which is producing some of the world’s best racing achievements. Time pedals are claimed by road racing and MTB cyclists to have more advantages both anatomic and technical, than any other make. Total compatibility with other systems, self cleaning, faster step-in, no unwanted pre-release – these are just some of the latest generation of special features. New ranges of Time shoes are now available to suit. Since Time was created, their mission statement has been to innovate in order to deliver high-end, technical products. An intimate involvement in professional racing, combined with a strategy of product innovation, has made TIME into a prestigious brand, internationally known and respected.

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