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Speedplay Light Action Stainless Steel Pedal


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The Speedplay Light Action Stainless Steel Pedal combines the best features of Speedplays X and Zero pedals to come up with the world’s most user friendly clipless pedal system. Speedplay named it Light Action for its unique low force, high security latch mechanism. Its simpler, easier, and faster to engage than any other pedal system. Light action pedals combine the renowned ease of entry and release and smooth, non centering free float of Speedplays X pedal system with the robust spring design and enhanced durability of Speedplays Zero pedal system.

Easy Dual-sided entry: The symmetrical light action pedal is always in the right position for engagement, whether it is right-side up, upside-down, or anywhere in between. Self-locating cleat design: the light action pedal is automatically guided into the recessed cleat-cavity during engagement. This makes the pedals extraordinarily easy to find by feel and eliminates the need to look down. Secure engagement: The security of the engagement mechanism doesn’t rely on spring tension, so it is not necessary to have a stiff retention spring, making it easy to get in and out of without a struggle. 15 degree range of non spring-recentered free float: Free float without spring recentering tension allows feet to find their natural float range during the pedal stroke and eliminates knee strain. Easy maintenance: A built in grease port for easy bearing lubrication. Precision bearings: High precision cartridge and needle bearings ensure high quality, low friction and durability

Stainless steel
2 Cartridge, 1 Needle
206g Pair

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