Transfil Flying Snake Brake Cable Set

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It is no doubt the best compromise between lightness and solidity now available. The Flying Snake performs devilishly well under the most extreme conditions.

Top Features of the Transfil Flying Snake Brake Cable Set

100% Rustproof
Ultra Lightweight (-30%)
Enhanced durability
Easy to set up
No maintenance required
Fits both MTB and Road bikes
Quick, precise direct transmission
Watertight internal jacket
Anti-UV protection
PP Coating
Main Jacket includes 18 carbon-steel wires
Pack Contains
2 Stainless Steel inner wires 1700mm
1 Carbon/Kevlar outer casing 1700mm
10 Ferrules
2 Cable ends

Product Data

MTB: Yes
Road: Yes

The Carbon Kevlar outer casing makes the Flying Snake 30% lighter than most other cable sets. The Flying Snake is a result of the latest research in transmission technology.

About Brake Cables

Brake cables can make a big difference to the way your brakes feel, a good quality set of brake cables should make your brakes respond more positively and be more controllable, this will enable you to manage your speed through technical sections while off road or descending on the road. The invention of the brake cable, known as a Bowden cable, has been popularly attributed to Sir Frank Bowden, founder and owner of the Raleigh Bicycle company who, circa 1902, was reputed to have started replacing the rigid rods used for bicycle brakes with a flexible wound cable. The basic design has remained un-changed, but improvements in materials and technology have improved providing a smoother and more positive lever feel.

About the Transfil brand

Transfil is a quiet giant of a company. Suppliers of control cables to the French car industry, Transfil also produces inner wires and outer cables for bicycles. The original gear or brake K.ble sets were surpassed by the more upmarket Black Snake compressionless system with a Teflon coated jacket, resistant to water, mud and sand. Then followed the Flying Snake with watertight carbon/ Kevlar outer casing weighing 30% less than the K.ble set. The very latest Nox Snake has a white carbon outer casing with Teflon coated inner tubing. These sets are MTB or road bike compatible.

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